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How to Enter

To enter, please visit the Categories page and click the 'Enter' Button of the Awards you wish to apply for.

Entry Instructions

Entry to the Awards is free of charge. All entries must be written in English and submitted via our SurveyMonkey portal.


To apply, simply select an award from the categories page that you wish to enter, and then complete the relevant application form via the SurveyMonkey link. If you are entering more than one award, you will need to complete one online form for each award category.


The word count for each entry is restricted to 600 words max. Please do not attempt to exceed this limit or attach pdfs or other files to your entry - the entry template will not allow you to do this. (Further supporting material will be requested for submissions that are shortlisted for the final stage of judging.)


All company information / product details and names of reference clients included in applications are strictly confidential.



Quality Control

Please note that the quality of your entry has a key bearing on the outcome. Submissions that have been tailored specifically to ensure relevance to the awards stand a greater chance of success than entries that are based on generic company information cut from a corporate website or annual report. The quality and verifiability of supporting information such as statistics or references will also have a bearing.



Who can enter?

The awards are open to Banks, Financial Institutions, Fintechs headquartered or with offices in Scotland. Applications will also be accepted from relevant members associations, government bodies and non-profit organisations working within the FS sector.


With the exception of the “Financial Technology Partner Award”, these Awards are not open to vendors of products / services to the Financial Services industry. 


Vendors, PR agencies, consultants and other industry participants can submit an entry on behalf of a financial institution or Fintech. But prior approval must have been granted from the relevant organisation.

​​Submission Details​


What to include

The Scottish Financial Technology Awards are designed to recognise effort, innovation and impact. While the criteria will vary across the different categories, the awards will share a number of common characteristics, with Judges looking to reward exceptional accomplishments, invention and improvement. This will include individuals and organisations that are making a difference to frontline customers and industry progress, as well as those making valuable contributions beyond the sector and into the wider community.


Key points to think about when entering



  • Why is the submission relevant to the category, what makes it worthy of recognition

  • Is this a recent or ongoing piece of work, when was the project delivered



  • What impact has been made, where is the tangible value, who has been affected

  • How have you delivered on objectives of the project, where have you gone beyond the goals

  • How can you demonstrate success, are there any statistics or performance metrics to quantify accomplishment



  • What makes the submission exceptional or unique, what distinguishes or sets it apart

  • Where has there been innovation, invention or disruption

  • Has this gone beyond the organisation and delivered wider socio-economic impact

Entries deadline​

The deadline to enter the awards is  FRIDAY 2 AUGUST 2024 


The judging process

All valid applications will be reviewed and a shortlist of finalists will be created for each category. The finalists will go through to a second stage of judging and a winner will be selected for each category. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on the 25th September 2024.


To ensure a fair evaluation process, judges are not allowed to vote on categories where an entry has been submitted from within their own institution.

Awards presentation

The shortlists for all categories will be announced at the end of August 2024. The awards will culminate in a gala dinner and the awards ceremony on the 25th September 2024 at the Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh

Booking a table

We hope you would like to join in the celebrations! Spaces are available to book here

Sponsors and Partners

We are calling on the industry participants to become a sponsor or partner with us for the awards. Click here to request a brochure or for more details.

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