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2024 Award Categories



Best Fintech Collaboration 2024

This award will recognise the best collaboration between an established Financial Service institution and a Fintech SME. This could be a collaborative product, pilot or partnership.


Best Use of Data/AI 2024

This award will recognise an organisation that can demonstrate an exceptional use of Analytics, ML or AI to solve a business challenge or deliver improved customer outcomes.


Best Start Up / New Entrant  2024

This award will recognise the top new entrant, highlighting a new organisation that has already started generating waves and shows great future potential. (Entrant organisations must be less than 3 years old at the point of application)



Climate & Environmental Impact 2024

This award will look at climate and environmental impact, recognising an organisation who has leveraged Financial Technology to drive positive outcomes for environment improvement, climate change or sustainability.



Digital Transformation 2024

This award will recognise an entrant that has embraced digital technology to drive wholescale organisational change, and can demonstrate improved efficiency, productivity, and services.



Financial Services Innovation 2024

This award will recognise an established Financial Services company that can demonstrate the greatest success in using technology to drive improvement, innovation or organisational transformation.


Financial Technology Partner 2024

This award category will recognise the best partnership collaboration between a Financial Service or Fintech company and an external partner from outwith the FS sector. This could be an academic institution, government body or supply chain partner.



Fintech of the Year 2024

Sponsored by the Department for Business and International Trade and Scottish Enterprise

This award will recognise the Fintech that has achieved the most significant growth, development, and commercial success. Judges will be looking for visible progress across key areas, such as: headcount; revenue, profitability, and customer base.



Outstanding Leader 2024

This award will recognise an outstanding leader from the financial technology sector. The judges will be looking for an individual who has excelled in their field; driven improvement within their organisation and been a positive force within their team and the wider ecosystem.



RegTech Innovation 2024

This award will recognise an organisation driving innovation in the field of regulation and compliance. This could include RegTech companies, academic institutions or FS / Fintech organisations driving progress, invention or development within the regulatory domain.


Social Impact 2024

This award category will look at social value, recognising the organisation (or individual) who has leveraged Financial Technology to address a socio-economic challenge or make a positive impact to people or the community.


Special Recognition 2024

This award will be selected by the judges to recognise an individual or organisation that has made an exceptional contribution to the Scottish Financial Technology ecosystem.

No entry as this is selected by Judges. 

Evangelist 2024

The judges are looking for an individual who has been an evangelist for the industry; inspiring and encouraging their peers across the Financial Technology community.


Details on what is needed to enter are provided on the form after clicking the 'Enter Here' button.

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